Industries Sector

Industrial F&B

The key to great catering is to provide what the client needs without adding any extra headaches.

All the logistics of catering for a large team are handled by us. We manage our own procedures and look after our own resources, leaving our clients to handle their core business.

Great quality catering is not simply about providing top food options to clients; it is about going above and beyond in order to offer convenient solutions that meet the client’s needs. In an everyday industry, this is easy; for construction, mining and engineering projects, it becomes a little more complex.

We offer

  • Great catering options to help your teams stay in the field and to remain effective for longer
  • Flexible solutions, tailored to suit a client’s location, timeframe and the specifics of the site
  • Fully serviced, which means we handle the provision and management of food services as well as the cleaning afterwards
  • Advanced facilities and procedures, going above and beyond in terms of standards, hygiene and safety