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Why your food services partner plays an important role?

  • In the past, Student meal programs often disappointed the average student / parent with boring heat-and-serve food and uninteresting menus, causing students / parents to opt out of the school Meal Program work hours.
  • Traditional Meals, set meal patterns are become a very ancient method of satisfaction.
  • Todays students are more mordent that the grown ups and their meal MOODS are completely different to the traditional pallet.
  • We at starlet come with a international mindset to recreate the meal MOOD for the students and redesign the future of how meals should be served.

We do believe that food is an integral part of the total educational programme and care is given to promote good eating choices and habits.

Keeping in mind the pupils  health and wellbeing.  We aim to deliver fresh and balanced food you can be proud of: food that will sharpen the mind, energize and rejuvenate the body.

Our Brand created will integrate with  your vision and support and promote the health of your students, teacher and staff.

Starlet team has the expertise to create and innovate robust food programs for all levels of students from Kindergarten to post Graduation.